I’m Returning to School: Will It Hurt My Disability Benefit Claim?

Can I Go Back to School With Disability Benefits? Disability Representative Near Me Roy Rickstrew 417-812-6698

Read Time: 4 Minutes School looks like work in many respects. The ability to sit in class, sustain attention, concentrate, focus, and persist on-task are all aptitudes required of most occupations. From the Social Security Administration’s perspective: if you can pay attention in class and receive a passing grade, then why can’t you do something […]

Will Assistive Devices (Like Canes & Wheelchairs) Help My Disability Case?

Will Assistive Devices Help Me Earn Disability Benefits | Disability Representative Near Me Roy Rickstrew Springfield MO 417-812-6698

From wheelchairs to hearing aids, assistive devices can be an invaluable asset in the fight for disability benefits. But what can you do if your application is denied? Let’s explore how assistive devices can help you prove your case and get the help you need. Was The Assistive Device Prescribed?  The SSA has very clear […]

TOP 4 REASONS the SSA Will Deny Your Disability Claim

TOP 4 REASONS a Disability Claim is Denied Roy Rickstrew Disability Representative Near Me 417-812-6698

Read Time: 5 Minutes As a disability representative, I’ve seen a lot of shocking and unpredictable reasons why a claim might be denied. But I’ve also seen THOUSANDS of preventable mistakes. In particular, there are four major problems that come up time and time again. Let’s dig in so we can get YOUR application off […]

Handicap Permits – Do They Improve Your Chances for Disability Benefits?

Handicap Tags Disability Benefits Roy Rickstrew Disability Representative Near Me 417-812-6698

Read Time: 4 Minutes As Social Security investigates your potential disability, they will be looking for any clues that hint of inconsistency in your incapacity level. Even small details, like whether or not you own a handicap permit, can have an effect on the outcome of your claim. Furthermore, they’ll also be inquiring into how […]

What to Do if Your Disability Status is Being Audited

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Tax season strikes fear in many of us. We can be as organized and ready as ever, but the lurking fear of filing incorrectly always lingers in the back of our minds. The same concept applies when we consider filing for disability.  Think of it like a health examination from the IRS; Social Security will […]

5 FREE Resources for People with Disabilities

Roy Rickstrew Disability Representatives Near Me 417-882-1800

Time to Read: 4 minutes There are many assistance programs for people struggling with a disability–especially if your health has made an impact on your income or ability to work. Examples of resources include food pantries, public housing, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and even businesses in your local area. Additionally, here are five […]