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How Will Disability 101 Help Your Current Situation?

When you’re applying for disability, there are a lot of questions, forms, and procedures. Not only will this workshop offer professional advice on how to get accepted the first time, but we’ll also talk about how to build a stronger case.

Is it the Right Time to Apply for Disability Benefits?

There’s more to social security than proof of injury or declining health. If you file too soon, you might lose out on larger monthly payments. But if you file too late, then you might lose out entirely! So before you apply, make sure that you feel confident that the timing is right. Sometimes, waiting just one more month can dramatically increase your payments. If you’re not sure, we can help determine if it’s worth the wait. 


During this meeting, Roy Rickstrew will discuss:

  • How to apply for disability
  • How to appeal a case that was denied
  • How the SSA determines who is eligible for benefits
  • Tips for how to build a strong and convincing case


Our workshops are 1 hour long. We’d love to welcome you to an in-person meeting, but also feel free to join us through Zoom! Physical seating is limited. You can RSVP your spot by following the link below.

You Might think that Applying for Disability is….

Time Consuming

The SSA needs a lot of paperwork. Your work history, your earnings history, medical records, aptitude tests, and other resources to make a decision. It can be hard to stay organized, figure out what all they need, and how to get it. As your claims representative, I’ll make it easy to know exactly what you need, where to find it, and get it submitted in a timely manner.


There are a lot of deciding factors that are not well-known to the public, even if you have done a lot of research. I used to process applications for the government and have seen thousands of claims be denied due to technicalities. This first-hand experience with the government has given me a competitive edge in all facets of social security.

Worth It

Even if you don’t win your first case, the SSA does allow for appeals. I can help you determine why they denied your claim and what your best options will be moving forward. You worked hard over your life and deserve a disability representative who will advocate for your success. My goal is to make your claim the easiest one to approve.

Frequently Asked Estate Planning Questions

Anyone looking to learn about the steps they can take to help protect their estate after their death.

No fee and no obligation.

No, this is only an informational meeting designed to help participants navigate estate planning basics and strategies.

How to: avoid probate, create a plan for disabled or young children, help protect your assets from creditors, divorce, or bankruptcy, how and when to gift assets and plan for your possible incapacity.

The potential for: probate court, feuds between siblings, no plan for dependents or special needs children and no healthcare directive when needed.

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