CAN’T or WON’T Take the Medication in Your Treatment Plan? My Advice πŸ‘‡

Roy Rickstrew Disability Representative Near Me What if I Don't Take the Medicine My Doctor Prescribed

We’ve all heard those medication ads on TV, right? With that looooong list of side effects? Sometimes it even feels as if the side effects are WORSE than the condition it’s trying to treat! 😬 I’ve seen some pretty awful situations when my clients didn’t feel comfortable taking the medicine that their doctor subscribed. So […]

5 Reasons Social Security Disability Claims are Denied

5 Reasons Why Social Security Disability Claims are Denied Social Security doesn’t turn down applications baselessly; they follow a meticulous process to determine if there is enough evidence that an applicant should be awarded their claim. Sometimes, though, a claim is turned down simply because the applicant didn’t understand the full extent of the legal […]

How Work History Affects Your Social Security Claim

SSDI and work history

What Happens if You Don’t Submit Your Work History? When the Social Security Administration (SSA) sends a work history report to its applicants, many people are surprised.Β  To most, it seems odd that Social Security would want something that looks like a resume as part of the disability determination process.Β  However, this form provides vital […]

Reporting Multiple Conditions on a Social Security Claim

How to Approach Social Security with Multiple Conditions Are you applying for social security with multiple conditions, but aren’t sure which one to report? Many applicants for disability-based programs believe they have to claim one aspect of their overall health concerns to designate as the disability they want to be considered. While a common belief, […]

Can You be Denied Disability Benefits if You Refuse Surgery?

Can You Be Denied Disability if You Refuse Surgery

The Short Answer Yes. The Long Answer There are a lot of exceptions to this rule, but if a doctor recommends that you are a candidate for surgery and it will likely improve your condition, then the Social Security Administration (SSA) can determine that you are being β€œnon-compliant” with your method of treatment. The Really […]