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5 Reasons Social Security Disability Claims are Denied

5 Reasons Why Social Security Disability Claims are Denied

Social Security doesn’t turn down applications baselessly; they follow a meticulous process to determine if there is enough evidence that an applicant should be awarded their claim. Sometimes, though, a claim is turned down simply because the applicant didn’t understand the full extent of the legal process.

That’s where we come in. The Resource Center has opened a new department to help our clients with their applications for Social Security Disability. As of February 2022, we welcomed Roy Rickstrew to the team as our new representative! He’s an expert in the field, with twenty years of experience in Social Security Disability Representation.

1. Lack of Medical Evidence

Medical documentation is a critical component of your application. If you haven’t already consulted with a medical professional, you will need to receive a formal diagnosis to include in your claim. You should work with your doctor to acquire supporting information that explains the current challenges that you’re facing with your physical or mental health.

For that reason, we encourage our customers to communicate health changes as they occur; your doctors will chart any updates that you share with them. For example, if you’re experiencing pain when walking and determine that you need a cane or other form of walking assistance, consider the option of a doctor-prescribed cane. This gives you the opportunity to obtain documentation of your progression. And if you are experiencing pain or other symptoms of declining health, don’t brush it aside during your medical visits. Transparency will help your doctors–and our team–put together an accurate picture of your current situation.

2. Prior Denials

If your application is denied, it’s not always effective to open a new case when you have the option to appeal your case.

In the event that your case is denied, the next step is to determine why. If you don’t know why the original claim was denied, then there’s a chance that any additional applications will be denied for the same reason. An appeal gives you the option to elaborate on any missing documentation and often talk directly with the decision-maker.

Appeals can be just as complicated as the original application. When you work with a representative, one of the services that they can provide is a cleaner translation of long legal documents and processes. We can help explain what they’re looking for and what kind of documentation you need to ask for.

3. Income

Income is a tricky component.  There’s a common misconception that you will be denied Social Security Disability if you are well enough to work. Some people will even quit their jobs, thinking that it will automatically increase their chances of approval.

For some programs, like Supplemental Security Income, any money you earn can directly impact your benefits amount. Other programs, like Social Security Disability, are more concerned if you are well enough to work in a capacity reflective of full-time work, than the money you make.

Before you make any drastic changes to your income, talk with a representative who can help you better understand if your income was a factor in the denial.

4. Failure to Follow Treatment Plans

A treatment plan is when a medical doctor determines a set of standards for their patient to follow. If a doctor reports that you failed to follow their treatment plan, this could weaken your case and result in a denied claim. For that reason, we recommend keeping contacting your doctor if a treatment plan isn’t working for you, if the medication is causing you to live with difficult side effects, or if you’re unsure that the plan will be a good fit for your lifestyle. Sometimes you can discuss alternative options that will help keep you on track.

5. Failure to Cooperate

We understand that applying for Social Security Disability can be challenging to navigate. Social Security requires a lot of information to determine your disability. Without information about your activities of daily living and work history, they can not approve your case regardless of how severe your condition is. No matter how difficult the process becomes, it’s important to comply with the process and continue building your case to meet the expectations that they require.

Contact an Expert

The Resource Center Disability is a local team in Springfield, Missouri. Working with a local team is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys a personable, one-on-one experience and you know everyone by name. Our mission is to help make your experience easier. We strive for success in everything we do and are excited to offer this new service to the community we’ve been building into for the last twenty years.

Whether you’ve already begun the application process or are just getting started, we encourage you to schedule a consultation to help determine the best strategy for your case.


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