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What Does “ADL” Mean & Why is an ADL Form Important?

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So what does “ADL” stand for and what does ADL include? Should I do ADL forms myself, or should I have a disability representative help me? How does the Social Security Administration (SSA) use my ADL Form? All of these questions and more we will answer!

ADL is an abbreviation for “Activity of Daily Living” and this includes a variety of things like doing chores (laundry, cooking, and vacuuming), personal hygiene activities (taking a shower, brushing your teeth), taking medication, and transportation to medical appointments. All these activities are important to include on your ADL from!

Why Your ADL Form for Disability is Important

The paperwork may be daunting, but properly filled out ADL forms are one of the best things you can have up your sleeve to convince a judge to grant you the disability benefits you’re looking for. But you may be wondering: “How does the SSA use my ADL Form?”

All of your information on your ADL form is important because it is what the Social Security Administration uses to decide how limited you are due to your disability. Without this form, they are unable to gauge how limited your daily functions are and will often deny your case.

Example of why an ADL Form is Important

An example of how ADL forms capture the full picture of your disability is that it would show how difficult it is to lift a knife, or that you had to switch to paper plates because you kept dropping all of your dishes.

While a medical record might tell the SSA that you suffer from numbness to the hands and that Gabapentin did not help, it does show needed details that are important for boosting your disability case.

Should I do ADL forms myself, or should I get help from a Disability Representative?

If you’ve made it to this point in your disability application process, this is your friendly reminder to keep going and finish your ADL form! While you can do ADL forms yourself, doing so may feel overwhelming when compared to utilizing a professional disability representative.

There are many people who really need their benefits but keep slipping through the cracks over the grueling paperwork. Here’s how a disability representative can help get you the approval you’ve been fighting for:

  • A disability representative will help you create an application that avoids the easy pitfall of assuming the SSA knows how badly you have been struggling.
  • A disability representative will help you to avoid submitting a “cookie-cutter” application and fully maximize the use of an ADL form.
  • A disability representative will be able to learn your case extensively and help you develop an optimized strategy for creating a successful disability case.

Here’s How Our Disability Representative Can Help!

As a local representative, our disability advocate will know your case from start to finish. We’ll be involved every step of the way, and you’ll speak to the same person every time. Our goal is to make your case the easiest one to approve.

For that reason, we don’t just fine-tune what you have and put it together in a cut-and-paste format. We’ll meticulously review your case and provide feedback on the weak areas of your application and offer clear directions on what information we need and where you can find them.

Whether you’ve already begun the application process or are just getting started, we encourage you to schedule a FREE consultation to help determine the best strategy for your case. Our mission is to eliminate the red tape and mountains of paperwork so you can focus on your health and the things that matter.

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